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FIU receives $25 million in state funds for improving graduation rate, helping students secure jobs


The amount is FIU’s latest award for excellence or improvement on the metrics put forward in 2014 by the Board of Governors, which oversees the State University System of Florida. The Governor and Legislature codified the Board’s metrics into law in 2016 and directed $500 million toward the model, including a $225 million state investment that universities matched with $275 million.

Helping children survive the aftermath


Psychologist offers tips to help children cope with large-scale traumatic events. All, large-scale traumatic events — some man-made, others the result of Mother Nature’s wrath, the rest orchestrated by terror or hate. All, unforgettable.

Geneticist studies history of mangoes


The von Wettberg Conservation Genetics Lab studies the genetic diversity in wild varieties of mango and how the crop has evolved over time through domestication.

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Dr. Dianqing Sun will host a lecture

09/30/2016 11:00 AM

Dr. Dianqing Sun from the University of Hawaii at Hilo will host a lecture.

Dr. Penny Beuning will host a lecture

10/24/2016 03:00 PM

Dr. Penny Beuning from Northeastern University will host a lecture.

Dr. Robert Ross will host a lecture

10/28/2016 01:30 PM

Dr. Robert Ross from Arizona State University will host a lecture.

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