Int'l Women, Gender and Violence Initiative


FIU seeks to establish an institute focused on preventing violence against women. The FIU International Women, Gender and Violence Initiative concentrates its efforts on prevention, education and developing a deeper understanding of the issues related to violence locally, nationally and globally.

As the only institute in the state of Florida dedicated to these issues, the FIU International Women, Gender and Violence Initiative will be a premier research, education and outreach facility dedicated to helping vulnerable women who have fallen victim to physical and emotional abuse.

  • In Florida alone, one in six women have been raped and thousands of cases of abuse against women are reported every year.
  • National studies indicate that close to 25 percent of all women will experience domestic violence at some point in their lifetimes.

Recognizing that violence against women is a global epidemic, the institute will leverage South Florida’s diverse population to explore these critical issues, taking into account the differences among nationalities and cultures. The international focus will guide research initiatives centered on how to stop these trends of violence and, in some cases, cultural acceptance. The institute will:

  • partner with local organizations and shelters
  • develop progressive programs designed to end the cycle of abuse
  • serve as a model for creating centers across the United States

The institute will provide a singular opportunity to hear about frontline research on the barriers to reporting incidents of violence and abuse, including fear, language barriers, immigration policy, family identity and lack of support or resources.

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