STEM Transformation Institute

The STEM Transformation Institute is a premier institute dedicated to supporting education in the interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields at Florida International University. The STEM-TI is a national leader for what works in STEM classrooms to advance active learning for students. The STEM-TI builds upon national momentum to invest in STEM education while promoting cross-college collaboration, from White House initiatives to promote teachers in the STEM fields to President Rosenberg's commitment to the President's Council on STEM.

The Institute will serve as a pillar for FIU's more than 7,500 undergraduate science, math, and engineering majors, while also serving our diverse South Florida community. Physics, math and chemistry education are among some of the major initiatives being undertaken by faculty in the School of Integrated Science and Humanity.

The STEM Institute will coordinate the Science and Math Education Bachelor of Arts degree programs that are part of FIU's commitment to the Science-Math Teacher Imperative (SMTI) of the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities.


FIU Physics Professor Laird Kramer, founding director of STEM-TI (second from left), teaches magnetic induction as part of a Modeling Instruction-based course.

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