"Amnesia and Agency: Toward a Post-Lockean Neuropsychology of Personhood"

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Venue:PCA 135

Many authors emphasize that episodic memory is unique to humans. Yet it remains unclear whether and precisely how episodic memory contributes to the distinctive lives of people. This talk will show many common, intuitive and reasoned judgments about how the role of episodic memory in such lives is refuted by empirical evidence.

Agential capacities of two subjects will be discussed, to show that much of their lives as people can be retained in the absence of episodic memory, with the goal of creating new agential perspectives on episodic memory, and building an adequate understanding of how this can contribute to their lives and others.

This lecture in the Department of Philosophy Lecture Series, Spring 2012, is sponsored by the Departments of Philosophy and Psychology. 3/30/12, 3-4pm, PCA 135