End of Semester Star Party!

Event information
Venue:CP 145 & Student Observing Pad

"End of Semester Star Party"

Telescopes, munchies, music, prizes and astronomers. Doesn't get any better than that!

Special Guest - Featuring Ms. Marivana Viscuso. Ms. Viscuso, an Italian singer/songwriter, will perform several songs, including several originals. Ms. Viscuso has 100% perfect pitch, an 8 octave range, and has written many #1 Latin hits including "Cara de angel" which won a BMI award, and "Anncio Clasificado" which was a Billboard ton 10 hit for 39 consecutive weeks. She was also on the X-factor! She is kind enough to visit us and perform. We will also have telescopes available all evening outside if the weather is clear as usual.

November 30, 2012 in CP 145 @ 8:00 pm, Music, munchies, and door prizes and telescopes and sky viewing at the Student Observing Pad, on the lawn between GC and AHC1.

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