Radical Mechanisms of Metal Cofactor Biogenesis

Event information
Venue:ACH 3205

Dr. Joan Broderick, of the University of Montana, will present a lecture on the complex iron-sulphur clusters that are found at the active sites of numerous enzymes, including hydro genases, nitrogenases, acetyl-CoA synthase and carbon monoxide dehydrogenase. The organometallic H-cluster at the active site of [FeFe]-hydrogenase consists of a [4Fe-4S] cluster bridged to a 2Fe subcluster coordinated by unusual ligands including cyanide, carbon monoxide, and a nonprotein dithiolate.

Her recent work in elucidating the biosynthesis of the H-cluster, and the roles of two radical SAM enzymes and a GTPase in this process, will be presented (ACH 3205, June 11, 2012 10am).