Society for the Study of Human Development Conference

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Venue:Westin, Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Spa

Registration is open for the Nov. 3-5, 2013, SSHD Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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The conference—Rethinking Developmental Science across the Life-span/Life-course: Theory, Methods, and Applications --will include:

Keynote speakers:
Richard M. Lerner: Developmental Science in 2025: A Review!
Lynn S. Liben: Individual <----> Context Relations in Developmental Intergroup Theory: Explaining & Optimizing Social-Group Relationships
Ingrid Connidis: Family Ties over the Life Course: Spanning the Macro-Micro Divide?
Toni Antonucci: Rethinking the Link Between Cells & Society.
Cynthia Garcia-Coll: A Relational Developmental Systems Perspective on the Immigrant Paradox, and the Life of an Academic?

Invited Plenary Symposia:
1. Dynamic Modeling of Relational Developmental Systems: Peter Molenaar & John Nessleroade Organizers.
Including Presentations by: John J. McArdle (University of Southern California); Todd D. Little (University of Kansas); Sy-Miin Chow (The Pennsylvania State University); Peter C.M. Molenaar (The Pennsylvania State University); John R. Nesselroade (University of Virginia) Discussant

2. Contemporary Applications in Developmental Science: Jonathan Zaff Organizer.
Including Presentations by: Velma McBride Murry (Vanderbilt University); Amy Gerstein (Stanford University); Brenda Jones Harden (University of Maryland); Corey Keyes (Emory University); Jonathan F. Zaff (Tufts University) Discussant.

There will be 12 additional symposia, 2 roundtable discussions, 90 posters, a Presidential Reception.

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