Islamic Hijab Speaker

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Venue:GL 220

Soroush Dabbagh received a Pharmacy Doctorate from Tehran University of Medical Science in 1998. He also received a PhD in Moral Philosophy from Warwick University in 2006. He has published several books on Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Mysticism and Religious Intellectuality, all in Persian so far. His English book entitled "Ethics and Mysticism: Islamic Debates in Post-Revolutionary Iran" will be published by Oxford, as well as "One World" in the near future.

In his talk, Dr. Dabbagh will discuss the moral permissibility of unveiling, from both philosophical and jurisprudential perspectives. In particular, he will investigate and elaborate the views of the Islamic jurists who believe that unveiling is permissible, unlike jurists in the mainstream tradition. Moreover, he will examine the idea of 'Hijab' in terms of the ethical theories of the British philosopher W.D. Ross, as discussed in The Right And The Good and Foundations of Ethics. Prof. Dabbagh will conclude by identifying some ethical, theological, and jurisprudential principles to which one can appeal to defend the permissibility of unveiling.

Lecture Explores Unveiling of Islamic Hijab, by A. Barbel