Computational Molecular Dynamics: From Quantum Chemistry to Molecular Biophysics to Biology

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Venue:AHC-4, 101

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Keynote Speaker:
3:00 pm Introduction to Computational Structural Biology\ Giri Narashiman, Professor, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies, College of Engineering and Computing

3:15 pm Photochemically induced cold synthesis of complex organic molecules in astrochemical environments
Alexander Mebel, Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry

3:30 pm Monte Carlo Computer Simulations of Proteins: Energy, Entropy, and Prion Diseases
Bernard Gerstman, Professor and Chair, Physics

3:45 pm Protein modeling to reveal function: A matter of appropriate scale
David Chatfield, Chair, Chemistry & Biochemistry

4:00 pm Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein Dynamics and Aggregation
Prem Chapagain, Associate Professor, Physics

4:15 pm Computational Approaches to Understand and Engineer Proteins
Jessica Liberles, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

4:30 pm Discussion