Anne Morgan WWI Exhibit and talk this Friday at Coral Gables Museum

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Venue:Coral Gables Museum


Anne Morgan’s War: American Women Rebuilding France, 1917-1924
September 10 - November 28, 2015

The exhibition of beautiful modern prints of vintage photographs and rare silent film footage brings to life the extraordinary work undertaken between 1917 and 1924 by 350 American women - all volunteers - who left comfortable lives in the United States to devote themselves to humanitarian aid in France. Barred from voting or serving in active combat, these women instead directed their considerable energy toward international relief work to counter the devastation of war. The dynamic leader of the group was Anne Morgan, Daughter of prominent financier J. Pierpont Morgan, who collected private funds and founded the American Committee for Devastated France. In the tradition of Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale, this group of women lived alongside the rural people of Picardy, a region of northern France that had been ravaged during World War II. This special exhibition is supported in part by the American Friends of Blerancourt, The Florence Gould Foundation, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and RMN l’agence photographique.

Champagne in Picardy, France – Tasting and Talk with Patrick Alexander
Friday, October 9, 7pm-9pm

As part of the current exhibit on "American Women Rebuilding France", the Museum's resident wine expert will do a presentation entitled "Champagne and Poppies in Picardy." The poppy has obviously become the symbol of the dead soldiers whose bodies enrich the soil of Picardy, and champagne is the local wine. Patrick Alexander's talk will cover not only the story of champagne and its bubbles but also the rich history of Picardy and its saga of major battles from the early middle ages to the horrors of the two world wars. The second battle of Champagne was taking place throughout October 1915 – exactly 100 years ago. While enjoying a glass or two of Champagne, Patrick wants to remind people of where it came from and at what cost. Lest we forget.

$30 general public, $20 Museum Members. Exhibit admission, lecture and champagne included. Registration required at 305-603-8067 or

Lecture: “American Women in France, WWI: Their Contribution” by Marilyn Hoder-Salmon, Ph.D.
Thursday, November 5 @ 6pm

Under the leadership of Anne Morgan, several hundred American women gathered in France to assist in the rebuilding of the war devastated nation. Their extraordinary determination and accomplishment was well-documented, as the exhibit so movingly portrays. This history is supplemented by an on-going process of rediscovery of the records of other American women, both expatriates and those who traveled to France in support of the military and civilian population. They served with distinction in numerous capacities, including as frontline nurses, ambulance drivers, and refugee care providers. These volunteers served France with valor during the war and its aftermath. This lecture will be presented by Marilyn Hoder-Salmon, PhD, writer and retired professor. Ms. Hoder-Salmon taught within the Department of English and as an Honors College Fellow at FIU.

Regular museum admission fees apply: $7 adults; $5 students and seniors; free for members.