Fishschrift Applied Cognition and the Cognitive Interview: A conference in honor of Dr. Ron Fisher

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Venue:Bay Vista Ballroom 221, Wolfe Center, BBC


Fishschrift Applied Cognition and the Cognitive Interview:
A conference in honor of Dr. Ron Fisher

May 19, 2016 FIU Biscayne Bay Campus

8:30-9:00: Continental Breakfast

9:00-9:10: Welcome: Bennett Schwartz

9:10-9:30: Remembering Ron Fisher
Ray Bull, University of Derby

9:30-9:50: Double-blind lineup administration: The role of social interaction in eyewitness identification
Margaret Bull Kovera and Andrew J. Evelo
John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the Graduate Center, CUNY

9:50-10:10: I Left my Heart at FIU: Remembering and Forgetting of Emotional Stimuli
Jeanette Altarriba
University at Albany, State University of New York

10:10-10:30: Sharing the CI with Investigators
R. Edward Geiselman

10:30-10:50: BREAK

10:50-11:10: Interviewing intoxicated eyewitnesses: A review of the effect of alcohol on witnesses’ recall and new steps forward
Angelica Hagsand, Christopher Altman, Jacqueline R. Evans & Nadja Schreiber Compo
Florida International University, Miami, USA & University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

11:10-11:30: Children’s reasoning about which episode of a repeated event is best remembered
Sonja Brubacher, Meaghan Danby, Stefanie Sharman, & Martine Powell
Center for Investigative Interviewing, Deakin University, Australia

11:30-11:50: Getting the Cognitive Interview into the Hands of (Some) Practitioners
Susan E. Brandon
U.S. Government

11:50-12:10: The Importance of CI Rapport Building with Children: Facilitating Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness
Michelle McCauley
Middlebury College

12:10-1:10: Lunch & Posters

Poster 1: Emotional Valence and Memory for Thematic Lists and Stories: Implications for Interviewing
Ailen Garcia, Michael P. Toglia, & Sarah J. Beard, University of North Florida

Poster 2: The effect of offender age on perceptions of violent juvenile offenders & life without parole
Jennifer Devenport, Western Washington University

Poster 3: Effect of Audio Signals on Listeners’ Memory
H-T. Michael Chen, Florida International University

Poster 4: An Asymmetry in Processing Age-Change Information in Face Recognition
Wenyan Bi & Zehra F. Peynircioglu, American University

Poster 5: Using Retrieval Practice to Enhance Achievement in STEM Courses
Shana Carpenter, Clark Coffman, Carly Manz, Monica Lamm, Shuhebur Rahman, Patrick Armstrong, Robert Reason, and Szumei Leow

1:10-1:30: The effect of encoding duration on implicit and explicit eyewitness memory
Rolando Carol
Auburn University

1:30-1:50: The Use of Interviewing Aids to Facilitate Children's Testimony: An Empirical Journey
Jason Dickinson
Montclair University

1:50-2:10: Feelings of Familiarity and False Memory for Specific Associations Resulting from Mugshot Exposure
Alan W. Kersten & Julie L. Earles
Florida Atlantic University

2:10-2:30: A Sample of Field Research in Interview and Interrogation
Drew A. Leins & Laura A. Zimmerman
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

2:30:-2:50: BREAK

2:50-3:10: Using the Cognitive Interview to Enhance Recall During Contact Tracing
Alexandra Mosser, Jacqueline Evans, and Ronald Fisher
Florida International University

3:10-3:30: Interviewing sexual assault complainants: Managing emotions and behaviors
Nina Westera
Griffith University, Australia

3:30-3:50: Interviewing witnesses: The Confirmatory Feedback Effect in Eyewitness Suggestibility
Maria S. Zaragoza
Kent State University

3:50-4:10: Adapting the Cognitive Interview to remember earlier thoughts
Ronald P. Fisher
Florida International University

4:10 - 4:40: A Field Validation of the Cognitive Interview as a Science-Based Approach to Suspect Interrogations
Christian A. Meissner Iowa State University
Melissa B. Russano Roger Williams University

5:00- 5:15: Closing Ceremony