Next generation nuclear physics with JLab12 and EIC

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Venue:WC 130

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The aim of the meeting is to discuss the scientific opportunities in high-energy electron scattering from nuclei with JLAB 12 GeV upgrade and a future Electron-Ion Collider (EIC). After a decade, the Jlab 12 GeV energy upgrade is completed and first experiments are already starting. In addition, there is an intensive discussion about building electron - nucleus collider (EIC) - possibly starting in 2022. JLab is considered as one of the potential sites for such collider in addition to Brookhaven National Laboratory. EIC will increase the energies available for nuclear physics more than order of magnitude. Currently, an International EIC community is being formed with various meetings happening in US and Europe. The FIU meeting is one of such meetings aimed at creating international community and discussing potential physics that can be studied at EIC. The current workshop is supported by Jefferson Science Associates (this what replaced SURA) and Jefferson Lab.