FIU Math Major Awarded First Place in National Competition

Yelen Nunez was a shining star when she represented the State of Florida at the Future Business Leaders National Competition held in Orlando on June 23-26, 2011. Her experience, confidence and passion for teaching earned her first place in the nation in the category “Teaching a Business Course”.

Yelen is the learning assistant for mathematics professor Tillie Fox, course coordinator of Business Calculus who has over 35 years of teaching excellence at FIU. Fox, recognizing Yelen’s talent and potential, mentored and encouraged her to help her teach and design the only lecture hall calculus course in the department. This is also the first and only course taught at Florida International University exclusively with the new Starboard System. Both are also paving the way for classroom instruction by preparing training videos for this system.

This is the first time in the department that a student learning assistant has been trained to teach a course with a professor. Yelen teaches 6 hours of additional instruction with recitations that have enhanced learning and have doubled the passing rate in the class. The class lectures are taped and available that day on MOODLE. Fox credits Yelen: "Because of Yelen's invaluable assistance, the course is a success. She is a superb teacher and a leader in education".

Yelen graduates this summer and will attend graduate school in Math and Statistics at FIU. We congratulate the Worlds Ahead Fox-Nunez Team for scoring first for FIU!