Creating a passion for math at FIU

It’s Saturday morning at FIU, and 14 children are talking about pirates.

They are discussing a tale that includes a captain, a crew, a voyage and a possible mutiny. The children need to determine how to convert land to nautical miles and how the speeds of ships are measured in knots by applying a formula related to distance, velocity and time to save the captain from being thrown overboard.

It doesn’t sound easy—and it’s not. But the eight boys and six girls are having fun trying to figure it out. Few are working quietly; problem solving here is a group activity.

These children are part of the Florida International University Math Circles led by FIU faculty Mirroslav Yotov and Gueo Grantcharov from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the College of Arts & Sciences. The concept behind Math Circles is stimulating and nurturing a passion for math in young students through discussion and creative problem solving.

“Math is more than just getting good grades,” Yotov explains.

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