Math Lab proves successful with increase in algebra pass rates

Fall 2012 College Algebra pass rates have increased to 52 percent. That’s an increase of about 20 percent since efforts to transform the way College Algebra is taught at FIU began in the Fall of 2010.

“This is really good news since this is the first time that all online exams have been used, and for all 1,600 students,” said Director of the School of Integrated Science and Humanity Suzanna Rose. “Now we can work on improving the mastery program.”

With a steady increase in pass rates associated with the Mastery Math component of FIU’s Project Gateways, the Fall 2012 semester saw full adoption of the program across all College Algebra sections. The program is on track to achieve an overall pass rate of 73 percent by 2015.

MasteryMathLab-Desk“The new Mastery Math Lab is the key element of transformation,” said Leanne Wells, Director of the Mastery Math Program. “The lab allows all College Algebra and Intermediate Algebra students to do math while having access to trained Learning Assistants as well as their instructors.”

The Mastery Math Lab is equipped with more than 200 computers and staffed by 30 full-time Learning Assistants (LA’s) who lead weekly sessions targeting student conceptions and common mistakes.

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