Students build a foundation and strong bonds in Nicaragua

In March 2013, nine BBC students worked tirelessly for the residents of Los Fierros, Nicaragua – a remote town an hour from Managua. As part of alternative Breaks, the students laid the foundation for a classroom in an overpopulated preschool that serves 90 students; the school previously only had three small rooms.

Maria Reynaga, Margarita Menon, Leah Santos, Nicole Balastegui, Cheryl Conteh, Gary Santos-Mendoza, Nate Edwards, Boris Mercado and Hector Arroliga worked for five days non-stop, battling extreme climate changes, physical exhaustion, and a daily hour-long commute on an unpaved road to and from the site. The FIU group was charged with phase 1 of the project. Other university groups – coordinated by Panorama Service Expeditions, a travel company that specializes in service projects in Nicaragua – will take over where FIU left off.

“I’m going to come back,” said Reynaga, the student site leader. “A lot of people say they will, but I know I am.”

Reynaga and Arroliga are already scheduled to return to Los Fierros this summer to continue the work they started.

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