FIU Physics student makes first cut to Mars project

A South Florida student is taking a big step towards his mission to Mars as he tries to be one of a select few to live on the red planet.

Giving up everything on Earth to be one of the first humans to live on Mars is what 20-year-old Florida International University physics student Patrick Ford wants to do. "I want to enjoy everything about this planet before I eventually might have to leave it," said Ford.

Ford is hoping to land a spot on the red planet and never return, but his parents are not happy about it. "My parents are supportive, I'll give them that, but of course they are very hesitant. I try to tell my mom it's not happening for 12 years, but still she wants to fight me every chance she gets," said Ford.

More than 200,000 people are applying for the out-of-this-world trip, but Ford, and over a thousand other applicants made the cut to the second round. "That's it only, a thousand left. It's amazing. I was shocked really. It was kinda like this groggy, elated shock," said Ford.

Their mission: to secure a spot on project Mars One. Those selected will live on the deserted planet for the rest of their lives. "It's very serious. It's a one-way ticket. You're going to be separated from your parents, from your home planet," said Ford.

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