Professional Science Master in Forensic Science Cohort Graduation

The first cohort of the Professional Science Master in Forensic Science will graduate in this upcoming commencement ceremony held on December 15th. There is 100% graduation rate for this cohort. There will also be a reception ceremony held in their honor prior to the commencement ceremony.

The cohort includes the following students: Raul Castillo, Giselle Hosein-Sydney, Melanie Marzo, Victor Morillo, Malonda Rutledge, Melissa Jones, and Karina Czetyrko.


The second cohort is also progressing well, the students are very enthusiastic and some of them have already started to apply for internships. We have continued to received positive feedback from the internship hosts, who are willing to continue the collaboration with the program. Some students have even been offered to stay working at the labs.

The Professional Science Master in Forensic Science has held a successful open houses and information sessions, which were on November 7th and November 17th. They also have several information sessions programmed for December and January.