Dr. William Pelham receives Research Exemplar Award


William Pelham, PhD

Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
Director, Center for Children and Families
Florida International University

Dr. Pelham’s research focuses on the treatment, development, and evaluation of ADHD in children and adolescents. His research has revealed critical findings about effective dosing and sequencing in behavioral, pharmacological, and combined interventions. Dr. Pelham created the nationally acclaimed Summer Treatment Program (STP), which is widely recognized as the state-of-the-art in the treatment of children with ADHD and related behavioral, emotional or learning challenges, having helped approximately 3,500 children since its launch in Miami in 2010.

Dr. Pelham has received an estimated $93 million in funding and has published over 400 peer-reviewed journal articles. In addition, he has received awards including the CHADD Hall of Fame Award, the SCCAP Career Achievement Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology (Section 3 of Division 12, APA), and, most recently, the 2017 award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Clinical Psychology from the Society of Clinical Psychology. They also received an engraved award.

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The P.I. Program at Washington University School of Medicine, directed by Dr. James DuBois, has partnered with Dr. Alison Antes who is funded by NHGRI to explore an important issue for today’s researchers – leading a scientific lab.

They sought nominations of researchers who lead labs that produce high-quality, high-impact, federally-funded research in any empirical science discipline including, but not limited to, social, natural, physical, life, or biomedical science. These individuals could be junior, mid-career, or senior investigators in the United States. Additionally, the individuals were to have an outstanding reputation for leadership and integrity in research.