SISH People

Walter Van Hamme, D.Sci, Executive Director, 305-348-3670 | Email
Melinda Hoder, Senior Account Manager, Communications & Operations, 305-348-3855 | Email
Jesus Padilla, Financial Manager, 305-348-2700 | Email
Jenna Silva, Administrative Assistant, 305-348-4232 | Email
Ady Arguelles, Executive Director of Development (CASE), 305-348-7942 | Email

SISH Faculty and Program Staff

Michelle Hospital, Research Assistant Professor & Associate Director, Community-Based Intervention Research Group, 305-505-9337, Email

Maria Miguez-Perez, Research Professor Email
Clery Quitos, Research Coordinator Email

Kieron Thomas, Mastery Math Lab Manager Email

Debbie Rudnicki, PAT4YOU Office Email

Marketing & PR

Ayleen Barbel Fattal, Account Manager, 305-348-4492 Email