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We are proud of our alumni who are finding breakthroughs in treatment, discovering new insights into the mind and being role models and voices for women in STEM.

Distinguished Alumni

Stacey J. Oddman, M.D. ’94 was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award at the 2016 Torch Awards. She is the former Chief of Family Medicine at Holy Cross Hospital.

Brain Development

Psychology alumnus Raul Gonzalez '97 is leading the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) research team to evaluate more than 10,000 children through adolescence into early adulthood.

Raul Gonzalez is now part of the Center for Children and Families faculty.

Fighting Cancer

After graduating Worlds Ahead, Angelo Andres is pursuing a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry at the University of Kansas. His career is dedicated to developing anticancer drugs in honor of his uncle, Ricardo, who passed away from a rare form of thyroid cancer.

Angelo Andres has attended many conferences in his search for ways to cure thyroid cancer.

Revolutionizing Chemistry

Alumnus Digno Caballero and FIU inventor Jose Almirall have created IAD-x, LLC to develop a tiny device capable of detecting toxins and disease in the air. 

Digno Caballero works very closely with Dr. Almirall on forensic research.

Leading in Physics Education

Idaykis Rodriguez, a post-doc fellow at the STEM Transformation Institute, introduced former Vice President Joe Biden at the College Summit and continues to advocate for Hispanic women in science and engage students in physics education.  

Alumni Idaykis Rodriguez is a proud graduate of SISH.

Women's and Gender Studies

Gayle Bainbridge, English '75, is the winner of Miami-Dade's Women of Impact Award (2016) and a Founding Partner of Global Risk Insurance. She is a donor to the Center for Women's and Gender Studies, has also served as its Advisory Board President, and has been active across other associations at FIU. 

Gayle is now part of the Dean's Advisory Board.