Executive Director's Message

Walter Van Hamme, D. Sci.


Executive Director
Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Website: http:/faculty.fiu.edu~vanhamme/
Bio: Walter Van Hamme
Modesto A. Maidique Campus

Welcome to the School of Integrated Science and Humanity — commonly referred to as SISH — at Florida International University. Established in 2009 by the College of Arts, Sciences and Education, and launched in 2011, SISH incorporates a unique integration of academic departments, research centers and institutes which provide a multidisciplinary home for the study of biomolecular, behavioral and cognitive sciences.

The school promotes awareness and dialogue of social and ethical issues in human health, and provides leadership in creating partnerships that will expand economic opportunities extending to local, national and international communities. Unlike any other school in the nation, SISH seeks to deepen understanding and advance scientific inquiry in the areas addressing human health and society.

As a catalyst for strengthening, promoting and contributing to innovative research and teaching, the school offers academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels in the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy, Physics, and Psychology. SISH is proud to house many of the university’s prominent centers and institutes focusing on health-related issues, including the Center for Children and Families, the International Forensic Research Institute, the Biomolecular Sciences Institute, and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, as well as our newest, the Center for Imaging Science (CIS) and the International Women, Gender and Violence Initiative.

SISH is housed in the Academic Health Center complex (AHC-4, 351), with its glass windows on one side revealing state-of-the-art science labs on every floor, and honeycomb architecture on the other side meeting the latest standards in solar design and efficiency. With world-renowned faculty and interdisciplinary education, SISH prepares students to succeed in the ever-growing opportunities within the fields of human health and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

The School of Integrated Science and Humanity continues to provide a focus for planned growth in the College of Arts, Sciences and Education as a component of FIU’s Academic Health Center, and in partnership with the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health & Social Work, Nursing & Health Sciences and Engineering & Computing.

Walter Van Hamme, D. Sci