STEM Transformation Institute

STEM Institute
Laird Kramer, founding director of the STEM Transformation Institute, facilitates a magnetism exercise during a recent physics class.

“Globally, the demand for STEM-educated professionals is increasing. As a nation, we need to put a greater focus on educating a greater number of STEM graduates and specifically minority STEM graduates,” said FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg. “The STEM Transformation Institute is FIU’s commitment to our community, intended to develop and implement research-driven, replicable models for multicultural urban communities.”

The STEM Transformation Institute responds to several key recommendations made by the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology to meet the national imperative for more and diverse scientists and engineers. Leaders from all sectors, including business, government, and education, have called for increased investments in the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, given the increasingly technological and challenging world. Many STEM-based jobs are going unfilled or moving overseas as the country struggles to keep pace with the demand.

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