FIU's Summer Treatment Program highlighted by The Children's Trust

Praise and Points Encourage Positive Behavior!

Mikey’s responding in a big way, and he’s got the points to prove it – 20 points for contributing, 50 for following rules, 50 more for good sportsmanship, and 100 bonus points for good behavior. He even earned a “thumbs up” and “nice job” for keeping good eye contact.FIU’s Center for Children and Families’ Summer Treatment Program, funded again this summer by The Children’s Trust, is a highly structured camp that targets elementary to high-school aged children with attention and behavioral problems, many diagnosed with ADHD.

Some 250 students are enrolled this summer in the camp at Paul W. Bell Middle School in SW Miami.“We can’t cure ADHD, but we can improve positive behavior. Chronic disorder requires chronic treatment,” says Dr. Erika Coles, clinical director at the Center. “It’s all about praise, for positive behavior that is. We put all the thinking regarding behavior modification within the context of a summer camp, and ‘treatment’ is embodied in every activity. Nine hours a day over eight weeks of the summer – that’s 360 hours of ‘therapy.’”

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