Florida bonneted bat listed as endangered by USFWS

Bonneted Bat
(Photo courtesy of Kathleen Smith)

Not only is the Florida Bonneted bat the largest and rarest bat in the state of Florida, with an estimate of less than 500 individuals remaining, it is believed to be one of the rarest mammals in the country. The Florida Bonneted Bat is native only to south Florida, especially Miami-Dade County. Almost nothing is known about this large enigmatic species.

Dr. Kirsten Bohn has been conducting research on this species using ultrasonic recording equipment here in Miami since her arrival to FIU last year. She has found this enigmatic species foraging nightly in Coral Gables and is working with colleagues to determine diet using DNA barcoding.

Endangered Species Status for the Florida Bonneted Bat

Florida Bonneted Bat Press Release

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