Robots build bridge to success for first-year STEM students

The Bridge to Success program at FIU is providing valuable resources for first-year STEM students as they embark on their college careers.

Funded by the Office of Naval Research, the program is designed for incoming engineering, computer science and physics students to collectively participate in the investigation, building and demonstration of a science and engineering project.

This year, 27 students formed three research groups to construct and operate an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) as part of SeaPerch – an innovative underwater robotics program.

The groups participated in a series of physics and building challenges designed to encourage brainstorming and teamwork, apply basic design and engineering principles and learn to use and identify tools properly. They also worked on building and modifying the ROVs to be tested at the FIU pool. The teaching staff included local Miami-Dade Public Schools teachers, FIU faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate learning assistants.

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