Adjunct Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching

Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu, Center for Women's and Gender Studies, College of Arts & Sciences

Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu engages students in a highly interactive and motivating classroom where students determine opportunities for social justice on an individual as much as societal level. Her dedication and passion inspires students to become involved in and empower their local and global communities. One student writes, “Thank you for not only giving me meaningful assignments and readings that taught me so much, but also thank you for giving me inspiration. Your tremendous passion throughout each class rekindled my dream of going to law school!"


Photo: (l-r) Provost Ken Furton and President Mark B. Rosenberg, with awardees, Sarah Hammill, Michaela Moura-Koçoğlu and Juliet Pinto.