Founding Director of Women's Studies Center featured on Girls' Club video blog


Girls' Club writer-in-residence Vanessa Garcia will present the series "12 Women Out of the Box & Out on a Limb" where she will interview 12 inspiring local professionals and share a glimpse into their unique world perspective. The series will be published on the Girls' Club blog, with a interview published every two weeks between January and June 2014.

The series is inspired by Garcia's opposition to recent feminist set backs she's perceived that counter the progress made by years of feminist and women's rights activists. Garcia comments that some recent publications "tell womento 'lean into' men and the sectors of the world run by them in order to only then, perhaps, maybe, have a chance at change. This seems the wrong way to go about it, and adverse to all the work done by women in the past."

Choosing her subjects carefully, including women from a diverse background and industries, Garcia has put together a group of "women out there in the world that lean out, go their own way, forge new paths for us all" says Garcia.

The first video, to be released on Wednesday, January 8th, interviews Executive Director and Founder ofTigertail Productions Mary Luft. Subsequent videos will be published every other Wednesday at and will include features on Elene Maria Garcia, actor and Education Director or Bluedog School of Acting for Kids; Maureen Seaton, poet and MFA professor at University of Miami; Bobbie Ibarra, Executive Director of The Miami Coalition for the Homeless; and Marilyn Hoder-Salmon, writer and Founding Director of the FIU Women's Studies Center.

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