IFRI offers new Professional Science Master's degree in Forensics Science

Posted to FIU News by Ayleen Barbel Fattal

In today’s job market, more employers are looking to hire prospects with advanced and specialized degrees. In the highly competitive field of forensic science, having business management skills in addition to advanced science training can give a prospect the edge they need to land the job.

Under the statewide Professional Science Master (PSM) initiative, FIU’s International Forensic Research Institute (IFRI) has launched the PSM in Forensic Science to provide better career opportunities for its graduates.

“This program was created in response to the need to educate future leaders in science and management in government agencies and companies in the U.S.,” IFRI Director Jose R. Almirall said.

PSM in Forensic ScienceThe 32-credit professional degree program provides an innovative and convenient online curriculum in forensic science with coursework in management. FIU’s program is one of only six PSM in forensic science programs in the country and the only offering online opportunities in an accelerated program format.

“The curriculum was developed by IFRI with support from forensic laboratory directors and other law enforcement personnel to incorporate important elements in the courses that provide successful professional profiles for forensic graduates who would like to succeed in management positions,” said Tatiana Trejos, PSM in Forensic Science program director.

Students who enroll in the program will have access to IFRI’s state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and research facilities. They will also participate in a capstone internship with a forensic laboratory for advanced hands-on training.

Having an advanced professional degree can provide additional career opportunities for scientists who may qualify for various leadership positions in forensic laboratories such as lab director, quality assurance manager or section supervisor.

Designed for individuals who may not typically pursue doctoral degrees, the PSM in Forensic Science program provides a competitive edge for law enforcement professionals and educators looking to advance their careers or to re-enter the workforce.

The application deadline for the fall semester is June 1. For upcoming information sessions, admission requirements or to register, click here.