FIU Chemistry & Biochemistry professor and graduate student are granted a US Patent for Nitric Oxide

Dr. Konstantinos Kavallieratos at the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department in collaboration with Dr. Nikolaos Tsoukias, at FIU Biomedical Engineering Department and chemistry graduate student Lissette Lozano-Lewis have invented a family of new Organometallic Nitric Oxide Fluorescent Sensors. (US PATENT: 8,906,694 B2)

Nitric oxide (NO) is an endogenously produced molecule that plays critical roles in numerous physiological processes and is involved in important conditions for human health, such as hypertension. With this technology researchers will be able to detect Nitric Oxide directly, through spectroscopic changes in the fluorescence spectra that occur upon reaction of NO with an organometallic complex, and understand better the physiology of NO in tissues and its health effects. This is an entirely new paradigm for NO detection that can be expanded to a broader family of complexes and commercialized at a substantially lower cost than current NO dyes. This technology is expected to provide a low-cost fluorescent probe that will directly detect and quantify NO in biological tissues and replace commercially available fluorescent indicators.